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Meet the Staff of the Humboldt Public Library

Diane Wright - Library Director

Favorite Authors - Lisa Socttoline, Linda Fairstein
Favorite Historical Figure - Anastasia
Hobbies/Pastimes - reading, collecting stress balls, yard work
Favorite Color - Tangerine
Favorite Season - Summer
Favorite Movie - The DaVinci Code

Felita Martin - Circulations Librarian

Favorite Authors - E. Lynn Harris, Terry MacMillan, Dori Sanders
Favorite Historical Figure - Ben Franklin
Hobbies/Pastimes - cooking, singing, reading, desserts
Favorite Color - Royal Blue
Favorite Season - Winter
Favorite Movie -

Harriet Havard - Digital Librarian

Favorite Authors - Lisa Jackson, David Baldacci, Linda Howard
Favorite Historical Figure - Leonardo DaVinci
Hobbies/Pastimes - Nascar, crocheting, reading
Favorite Color - Red
Favorite Season - Winter
Favorite Movie - Out of Africs, Steel Magnolias

Jaime Brown - Children's Librarian

Favorite Authors - James Patterson, Nora Roberts, John Grisham
Favorite Historical Figure - Dr. Seuss, Judy Garland
Hobbies/Pastimes - Listening to music, reading, playing with kids
Favorite Color - Purple
Favorite Season - Fall
Favorite Movie - The Wizard of Oz, Ice Age

Josephine Herron- Library Aide

Favorite Authors:   Danielle Steel, Sandra Brown

Favorite Historical Figure:   Rev. J. T. Freeman, Martin Luther King, George Washington

Hobbies/Pastimes:   sewing, working with children, helping others.

Favorite Color:  purple

Favorite Season:   Spring

Favorite Movie:   The Color Purple