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On this page we have useful information about local services, and links to tools on the web that you may need.

Student Search Tools

TN Tel database

Social Security Fraud Line 1-800-269-0271

Study for your driver's license test by clicking on the following link-



Information, Reference, and Searching Tools

Excellent up-to-date search engine with advanced search tool great for searching the news or a specific website.
One of the most visited hubs on the internet reaching one out of every two web users.



  1. National Geographic Homework Help  [new] - get help on a variety of topics including animals, history, culture, geography, science, and nature. Includes photo galleries and descriptions of various places in the world. Also provides a dictionary and thesaurus.

  2. KidsPost - read articles about current events and entertainment, get "brain food" for homework help, and have fun with games, polls, online discussions, and more. From The Washington Post.
  3. Kidzone - Fun Facts for Kids - find interesting facts about a wide range of subjects, from geography and language arts to magic tricks and science experiments.
  4. NCES Classroom - fun quizzes and activities about things like famous mathematicians, graphs, words, and more. There's also a glossary and a tool to find schools all over the U.S.
  5. RUOrganized? - developed by a ThinkQuest team to help other students learn basic organizational skills.
  6. Smithsonian Education: Resource Library - find information and resources at the Smithsonian's Education site for your age and grade level.